Spring 7s

Spring 7s is an opportunity to train with and play against the top players in the Okanagan.  We have had players from Kamloops, Vernon, Penticton and Kelowna as part of the program.  This is an off season training component that times up well leading up to your high school spring training camp.

Not only does our Spring 7s training lead to 7on7 travel teams, it develops offensive and defensive understanding while teaching tackle specific skills without the same level of contact.

Spring 7s runs from April to high school spring training camps.

Practice Format

The Spring 7s Training will have players develop as part of a team.  All players will practice together, develop and refine skills, build offensive and defensive systems, develop a healthy level of competition, football position specific skills and drills will be emphasized every practice.

Competitions will be held on weekends, and teams will be picked on a weekly basis.  This model allows for the all players to play and compete against and with each other.  Example, one week the top QB and Rec might be on the same team, the next week they will be split up and a different Rec will have the opportunity to work with the top QB.  On this model the top players compete against each other more, all players develop at a faster rate because they are constantly being challenged in drills and competitions, and we can help develop leaders in the process.  This model also allows for all Academy coaches to have the opportunity to work with all the different players, not just ones that might be on their teams.  Becoming more coachable as an athlete is also important and the ability to adjust and learn from a variety of coaches is key to individual growth and success.

Tentative Training Schedule

Tuesday - Speed, Power and Sprint Training

Thursday - Practice

Saturday - Competition 9am-1pm