About Us

Our goal is to work with our community to help build the sport of football. Introducing the sport to potential participants and giving athletes positive exposure to the game of football and supporting each athlete’s development.  We will educate players, parents, and coaches about the sport and opportunities that can arise through it.  We want to give a positive experience in a learning and training environment, that encourages excellence through development of all ages. 

Ultimately, the aim of the Okanagan Football Academy is to prepare athletes for the next level of competition; whether that be their next year of KMFA, High School, Junior or University.  Our coaches have over 100 years of combined coaching and playing experience; working with youth and grass roots programs all the way up to University and CFL players.

Football is a journey.  Come get educated, trained, developed with the Okanagan Football Academy.  We encourage all interested coaches to be part of the program and look to provide certification opportunities throughout the year.  

We want you to enjoy your journey and the pursuit of of next level success.  We want to help you grow and develop for your high school program and schedule within the high school calendar to be accessible for all.  You will play, learn, develop, get recruited and embrace the sport of football through your high school development and experiences, we want to be that extra push to help you be the person, athlete, and student you want to be.