7on7 is a unique opportunity to develop and refine skills specific to the sport of football.  7on7 is the closest NON-CONTACT football specific activity to tackle football.  The speed, systems, aggressiveness make this an ideal off season development program.

7on7 runs from January to beginning of July.  There are multiple opportunities for competition in the Province, and throughout Canada and the United States.  Our travel teams will grow as we grow and we would like to take our teams to the United States for the competition and opportunity measure our skills against other players and teams.  We will host 1 event here in Kelowna, and will end the season July long weekend at the Western Canadian 7on7 National Championships.

In speaking with several retired professional football players, consensus is that we all wish this was an opportunity when we were growing up.  The opportunity to play against other top players in your city, province, country, and in the United States without the necessary practice and on field contact time would have saved mileage on bodies.  The body only has so many hits that it can take.  Extra contact in the off season outside of your team spring training can lead to negative outcomes.

Your high school and team want to set you up for your greatest success.  The same situation happens at the Junior level with the Okanagan Sun, the University level and the Pro level.  Specific TEAM training is set up at different intervals throughout an off season, with scheduled weight, movement, and speed training intertwined throughout the year.  There are contact points throughout the off season but those are your Team Spring Training opportunities, where you get to use and test your off season training and see the results of your hard work on and off the field.

I think I want to play in an all-star game!  Playing in all-star games is a unique opportunity, did you get selected from your league play to play in the event or did you have to pay for a tryout that most players made the team and every one pays to play.  Understanding the exception and uniqueness of a true all star game can be found in many examples in the United States, where players are chosen from across the State or Country to compete in these events.  There are a lot of opportunities and choices out there, make sure you choose what is in your best interests, development and time.


US All-Star Games

https://www.nbcsports.com/allamericanbowl/roadtothedome ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJZUlwtu3jE ; https://www.allamericaclassic.com/about